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Feld gives her impressions of an interview with Addams at at Hull House.

Kelley tells Addams of her plans to visit Chicago and asks that Edith Abbott not overburden herself with plans.

Addams tells Landman that she cannot write an article for him due to her many existing commitments.

Thomas outlines a possible book on race and immigration, focusing on how immigrants assimilate and how their customs shape their lives.

Thomas tells Addams about his planned book on race and immigration.

Thomas weighs in on Addams' plans to publish research done by social settlements and suggests that he do a book on the race question.

Thomas tells Addams his ideas about writing a book on race and immigration.

Thomas asks Addams to write an article on race relationship for publication in Germany.

Addams tells Thomas that she cannot write an article on race relations, but suggests that Gertrude Baer could write something on anti-Semitism.

McDowell and Sayre sends Addams a welcome home from her world tour on behalf of the Inter-Racial Committee of Chicago.

Woods asks Addams her opinion of a plan to study the usefulness of settlements.

Ickes tells Addams of the sorry state of the Chicago Branch of the National Advancement for the Colored People and efforts to change it.

Thomas tells Addams his ideas about social research into racial questions.

Balch sends Ovington word of efforts of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom regarding issues surrounding Black troops from colonized countries.

American Civil Liberties Union defines its stance on first amendment rights, labor rights, law enforcement, immigration and racial equality.

Dodd offers Addams his ideas on the peace efforts, economic repression, race, and increasing the birth rate.

Hull summarized and outlined works by David Starr Jordan, French Ensor Chadwick, Henri Lambert, and John Atkinson Hobson, for discussion and adoption by the Central Organization for a Durable Peace.

Addams relates a story about peasants in Russia who believe that all Americans are black. It was published in several newspapers on April 16, 1905, and then also under the title of "The Yellow Kid" in an anthology of quotes from famous people.
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Addams writes about the strong racism asserting itself in America, blaming it on segregation and the lack of interaction between white and black people.