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A list of those invited to a peace discussion at Henry Street Settlement, September 29, 1914

Kellor thinks that it would be a good idea for Addams to have a conference with Progressive leaders.
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Addams argues that opponents of child labor should promote the positive results of ending child labor on children and society. The speech opened the Tenth Annual Conference on Child Labor in New Orleans.
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Addams addresses the attendees in the opening speech for the start of the Tenth Annual Conference on Child Labor in New Orleans.
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A writing by Addams detailing the many reasons why it is important that women be given the right to vote, and of how the movement is not just found in Western nations, but globally.

Kellogg summarized John Gavit's statements about a planned peace declaration.

Kent suggests moving the National American Woman Suffrage Convention meeting back so that delegates working on electoral campaigns can attend.

Addams is one of a number of people who sign a call for a conference to examine the situation of African-Americans since emancipation. Various versions of the call appeared in newspapers across the country.
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Addams' speaks on the impact of poverty at the National Federation of Settlements in Valencia, PA.
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A summary of Addams' remarks to the New York Times about the wide range of represented countries at the International Suffrage Congress.
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