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Addams writes James about plans for a suffrage meeting in Milwaukee.

On behalf of Jane Addams, who is away from Hull-House, Bowen sends Blaine a letter from Edward Devine and asks for her attention to it.

Thomas asks Addams to send a list of people she would like to invite for her commencement address and accompanying festivities at Bryn Mawr College.

Ford informs White that Addams cannot accept his invitation to speak in Topeka, Kansas.

Addams offers Dudley her room at Hull-House while she is on a trip to Egypt.
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In this narratively rich article in McClure's, Addams reflects on her meeting with Tolstoy in Russia in 1896, on her admiration for his principles, and on her pragmatic approach to good work in the urban, industrial context of Hull-House and its…

Addams asks for details on her July 6th address at the University of Western Michigan.

Addams asks Haldeman to send a letter on her behalf and thanks you for her kind hospitality in Kansas.

Addams accepts Eastman's invitation to give a speech in Milwaukee .

Eastman invites Addams to give a speech in Milwaukee.

Gapen asks Addams to juggle some dates during her visit to Wisconsin.

In Jane Addams' absense, Breckinridge asks Benedict to answer the enclosed letter (not found).
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Addams' autobiographical account of her education at Rockford College and her travels in Europe.This is the second of six articles excerpted from Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Gapen expresses her gratitude and enthusiasm for Addams' plans to speak about woman suffrage in Wisconsin and invites her to attend Wisconsin Suffrage Day.

Gapen writes Addams about possible dates for her to deliver a speech on woman suffrage in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Addams writes Gapen to clarify her availability for speeches in Wisconsin.

Addams sends regrets that she cannot commit to travel plans to Boston.

Coman writes Addams to explain the terms of her commitment to work with the Progressive Party.

Addams writes Kingsbury about Charles McCarthy and provides her New York schedule to facilitate a meeting with him.

Addams tells Pinchot she will attend a meeting of the Progressive Party's Executive Committee and will let him know if she can make another meeting.

Addams informs James that she can take on no more than the two previously agreed upon speeches in Wisconsin.

Addams writes James about plans for her speaking engagements in Portage and Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Speranza explains that he will not be in Cleveland for the conference and cannot discuss his manuscript with Addams at that time.

Addams writes James that she can speak in Portage and in Baraboo, Wisconsin, if the speeches can be scheduled for one day.

Addams declines Johnson's invitation to deliver a speech in Vincennes, IN.

Addams writes Haldeman that she is sending her a copy of her speech at the Progressive Party Convention and sends news about their brother.

Thomas is disappointed that Addams cannot speak to various colleges in the fall, but wishes her to speak for two weeks during the spring semester.

Breckinridge writes Addams about the distribution of leaflets for the Dunning Foreign Tours.