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Scott's Committee on Observation on Limited Segregation reports to the Chicago Board of Education that educating boys and girls in the same manner does not appear to be the best policy, and requests time for continued study.

An excerpt from a letter by Addams, Lillian Wald and Mary McDowell to labor unions, seeking an investigation of working conditions for women and children.

Addams asks Breckinridge if she remembers Women's Wear Daily and encloses an article and an invitation related to it.

Addams and a number of other leaders petition President Taft to open a commision to study the conditions of labor, its relation to the government, the cost of strikes, and trade unions.

Speranza thanks Abbott and Jane Addams for their work on behalf of the American Institute of Criminal Law & Criminology in its investigation of the courts.

Abbott writes Speranza with Jane Addams' opinion that the North American Civic League should conduct an investigation into crime and immigration in New York.

Martin points out an error, regarding Addams' age when Lincoln died, in her autobiographical article in The American Magazine.

Addams updates Haldeman on progress of Twenty Years at Hull House.

Addams asks Haldeman to organize her clippings to help her with writing Twenty Years at Hull House.

Crissey asks Addams to forward her work on two articles for the Ladies' Home Journaland discusses payment.

Ely asks Addams for help in securing support from Helen Culver for his investigation.

Addams thanks Baker for the magazine article and for gathering data and invites him to visit Hull-House when in Chicago.