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A royalty statement from the Macmillan Company to Addams for sales on five of her books.

Marsh asks Addams when she will write her next book.

Crane enjoyed reading Newer Ideals of Peace.

Addams seeks to send Haas a copy of Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Addams thanks Forbush for sending her The Manual of Play.

The Macmillan Company seeks permission to publish a cheap edition of Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Conrad writes Addams about her introduction to Dr. Hall's book and the positive impact her influence will have upon it.

Lathrop sends her congratulations on A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil.

Knopf praises Addams' Twenty Years at Hull-House and sends her two copies of his essay on tuberculosis.

The company asks Jane Addams to write a short paragraph about the book The Precipice by Elia Wilkinson Peattie.

Addams receives a letter from the Macmillan Company with a royalty statement enclosed.
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Addams explores the economic plight of young women that often drives them to prostitution and white slavery. This is the second in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published as A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil in 1912.
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Arguing that white slavery requires an organized movement to defeat it, Addams provides examples from cases in Chicago. This is the first in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published as A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil in 1912.

Addams suggests that Ely publish Alice Henry's The Trades Union Women.

Addams sends Haldeman a copy of a book because it discusses Hull-House.

Landsberg writes to Jane Addams' publisher about a German translation of Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Macmillan acknowledges Addams agreement to issue a cheap edition of A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil.

The announcement of Iris' poetry book provides information on how to order a copy of the book from the publisher.

Wallas sends Addams his book, likely Great Society (1914), which he calls a continuation of his Human Nature in Politics.

Lindemann praises Addam's book Twenty Years at Hull-House and apologizes for not being able to read it until recently. She continues by talking about her health

Addams has read the story Salvation Army Girl and believes it is valuable in furthering the work of the Salvation Army.

Addams is interested in the plan that Starbuck had previously mentioned but she is not used to writing for children and declines his offer.

Starbuck asks Addams for permission to include her work in a new series of books that the american Unitarian Association is compiling to further religious education.
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