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Marsh asks Addams when she will write her next book.

Crane enjoyed reading Newer Ideals of Peace.

Addams seeks to send Haas a copy of Twenty Years at Hull-House.

The Macmillan Company seeks permission to publish a cheap edition of Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Conrad writes Addams about her introduction to Dr. Hall's book and the positive impact her influence will have upon it.

Lathrop sends her congratulations on A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil.

Knopf praises Addams' Twenty Years at Hull-House and sends her two copies of his essay on tuberculosis.
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Addams explores the economic plight of young women that often drives them to prostitution and white slavery. This is the second in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published as A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil in 1912.
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Arguing that white slavery requires an organized movement to defeat it, Addams provides examples from cases in Chicago. This is the first in a five-part series, which would ultimately be published as A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil in 1912.
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Landsberg writes to Jane Addams' publisher about a German translation of Twenty Years at Hull-House.

Brett asks Addams if she is ready to publish another book with Macmillan Company.

Addams sends Haldeman a book and some photographs and hopes to see Marcet Haldeman soon.

Macmillan Company sends Addams a royalty statement for her books.

McAndrew, a high school principal, praises Addams for Twenty Years at Hull House from which he and his fellow faculty members draw inspiration.

Addams lists authors of papers to be included in a book.

Carhart praises Twenty Years at Hull House and Addams' sacrifice and good work.

Brett answers Addams' confusion about the multiple editions of A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil and apologizes for pressuring her about the next book.

Addams informs Brett that she is pleased with the new printings of A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil, but that she is not ready to write another.

Brett informs Addams that Macmillan is publishing third and fourth editions of A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil and compliments her for her success.

Cabot writes Addams that he is sending an article of his inspired by Spirit of Youth and the City Streets.

James writes Thomas praising Jane Addams' new book.

Addams' notes of a phone conversation with George P. Brett of Macmillan Company.

An advertisement sent to subscribers of The Survey Graphic allowing them to purchase a copy of The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets by mail order.
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Coit congratulates Addams on New Conscience and Ancient Evil and reflects on the book's subject matter.

Brett apologizes on some late delivery of Addams' new book, The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets and discusses a plan for publication of her new book and the printing of some of that book's material in The American Magazine.
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