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The Commission announces its intent to investigate conditions in Ireland with a hope that America can intervene on the side of peace.

Dewey asks Hapgood to consider his friend, Levinson, for employment.

The American Union Against Militarism requests that members of the Woman's Peace Party inform politicians about alternatives to war given by Bryan.

The authors report on a fact-finding trip organized by the Women's International League to report on condition in Ireland during its war of independence.

Sujkowska, Budzińska-Tylicka, and Prauss tell Addams about problems in establishing a WILPF section in Poland.

The article describes the purpose and membership of the American Commission on Conditions in Ireland.

Balch send Addams a translation of a peace appeal to be published in Frankfort and hopefully in other cities.

Bourjakian, Shikrdmian, and Mangrian appeal to Allied women to intervene on behalf of Hajin, Armenia in its fight against the Turks.

A pledge sent to WILPF members in Palo Alto, swearing to join in an international women's strike if war should break out.

Czaplicka tells Balch about efforts to establish a Polish section of WILPF.

Kurkjian provides a history of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia as a justification for independence.
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