William Isaac Thomas to Jane Addams, August 9, 1922

1535 East 60th St.
Chicago. Aug. 9, 1922.

My dear Miss Addams:

I am very grateful to you for your letter and your statement of your plan regarding studies by social settlements.

I agree entirely as to the desirability of such studies and I will make out and send to you a little later a tentative program. [page 2]

You know, Miss Addams, what my relation to Miss Culver is and has been. That of Mrs. Thomas is now particularly intimate. We both have a feeling that we should [page 3] not like to have her approached with reference to providing any more work for me. I had rather not be included in the scheme than to have her approached from this angle.

I am very much interested in the race question and hope to prepare a volume which will be a contribution to your plan, even if not formally included.

Paul Kellogg has asked me to let him see the manuscript on the delinquent girl. This is a general statement of the behavior problems, using the girl as example. He hopes to get an article out of it. I will not burden you with this volume, but can send you a copy if you wish, or show it to you here.

I will send more details in about ten days.

Mrs. Thomas joins me in most cordial remembrances. Her health is fine now.

Very sincerely yours,

W I Thomas [page 4]


Of course it is desirable to interest Mr. Kellogg as you suggest -- on the whole scheme.