Jane Addams documents are spread all over the globe. See below for a list of all known collections that contain Addams materials. This digital edition does not include every Addams document that has been found. We are currently focusing on correspondence and writings (excluding books) written between 1901 and 1935. Documents that were enclosed in correspondence, regardless of the date, have been included. You can tell how many documents we have digitized from each collection by the number at the end of the collection name.

Please note that we created a few virtual collections: Books, Compilations, Journals, Private Collections, etc. to make it easier to locate materials that are not in standard archives and libraries.

We continue to search for Addams letters, speeches, articles, diaries and other materials. Newly found documents will be added to the digital edition. If you know of libraries, archives, or private collections with Addams materials that are not listed here, please contact the project at