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Smith confirms that Addams will attend the conference in 1908.

Addams discusses challenges to social and industrial justice and how the Progressive Party program will help address them. Addams gave the speech at a Progressive rally held at the Lyric Theater.
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A reprint of Addams' speech to the Congress of Men and the Religion Forward Movement chastises the church for rejection aid to "fallen" women and asks for a return to the teachings of Jesus, who opened his heart to all sinners.

Produced to appeal to woman voters, this Progressive Party pamphlet includes Jane Addams' nomination speech, a letter from Theodore Roosevelt to Addams, the party plank on equal suffrage, and the party's plans for democratic rule and social and industrial justice.

A short summary of Addams' speech at the Hotel Astor urging women to support the Progressive Party.

Addams writes to Sparks regarding her place on a local committee dedicated to foreigner's affairs
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Addams' speech given between acts in Chicago theaters exhorts support for woman suffrage.

Addams informs Marshall that she is unable to plan speaking engagements.

A portion of Addams' speech from the Second Annual Peace Conference on May 4, 1909 about what women have done that have earned them suffrage.

An excerpt from Addams's talk to the Chicago Bar Association on the causes of juvenile delinquency. Dr. William Krohn also spoke on the topic.

Addams discusses the value of the vote at the General Federation of Women's Clubs convention.
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Addams talks about the benefits of woman suffrage for the entire country.
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Addams, comparing the act of human sacrifice to what is going on in the early stages of World War One, points out how pointless both acts are.

Addams discusses the juvenile crime rate in Chicago.

Addams speaks about suffrage and how it will change politics in America.

Addams offers rationales for woman suffrage at Carnegie Hall.

Portions of Addams's address to NAWSA meeting held in Washington, D. C. in which she highlights impact of women voters abroad.

Addams speaks before the Advertisers' Club of an incident that happened at Hull-House.

Addams argues that women's colleges should train women for public service.

Addams speaks at the National Convention of Women about the benefits of suffrage for women in America.
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Speech given by Addams at the Biennial Convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, concerning the role women's clubs has and can further have in shaping policies.
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A stenographer's transcript of a tribute by Addams given at the memorial for Frank Hutchins.
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Addams argues that opponents of child labor should promote the positive results of ending child labor on children and society. The speech opened the Tenth Annual Conference on Child Labor in New Orleans.
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Addams addresses the attendees in the opening speech for the start of the Tenth Annual Conference on Child Labor in New Orleans.

Newspaper report and cartoon of Addams seconding the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt at the Progressive Party Convention.
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Speech given by Addams at the Biennial Convention of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, concerning the role of women's clubs in shaping public policies.
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