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Addams invites Brownell to visit Hull-House and remarks on the popularity of Brownell's photograph of her.

Addams tells Linn she has been released from the hospital and will convalesce in Nikko.

Smith updates Linn on Jane Addams' condition and upcoming breast surgery.

Haldeman tells Addams about the aftermath of her mother's death and of the small-pox epidemic in Girard.

Addams tells French of her sister, Alice's death, and of the upcoming conference at The Hague.

Addams discusses her meeting schedule with Wald and mentions a possibility of seeing her.

Grey suggests that Addams put her ideas before the British government, forwarding her request to the Foreign Office.

Young and Brayton sat close to Addams and were glad to see Addams no longer ill.

Addams is glad that a meeting has been arranged for the European delegates. She is not sure if she will be able to attend, due to her health issues.

Addams sends Hyers more documents meant for her and that need to be filed. Addams hopes to be back by the beginning of October.

Catt recommends Grant for a local lecturing position within the peace movement.

Sewall asks for a copy of Addams' lecture at Carnegie Hall as Addams is too unwell to send it herself.

Jacobs sends Addams the latest European thinking on the congress of neutral nations, but is eager to hear what President Wilson said.

Smith tells Hyers that Addams approves of the suggestion to tell the Women's Peace Party chairs about Rosika Schwimmer's trip to the United States, and comments on President Wilson's policy against meeting delegates from belligerent countries.

Abt tells Addams that he would have provided ' free medical treatment for her adopted grandchildren because of the contributions Addams made in improving the lives of all children.

Sachs informs Addams that he has an opening available at Edwards Sanitarium for Charles Hulbert in June.

Addams thanks Fry for the recent visit and asks after her brother's health.

Smith asks Balch to postpone her visit due to the severity of Addams' bronchitis.

Smith's note, written at the end of a letter by Addams, reveals that Addams is too ill to travel to New York, despite her hope to do so.

Addams tells Balch that she cannot travel to New York due to her bronchitis and hopes that Aletta Jacobs might be able to come to her.
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Addams discusses her travels in Nevada and Colorado and remarks on how she misses Smith.
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Addams discusses the preparations for the International Congress of Women made aboard the S.S. Noordam.

Addams discusses Haldeman and Louise Bowen's illnesses.

Addams sends a letter of introduction for Mary Heaton Vorse to Kropotkin.

Addams describes the Progressive Party's pledge to support new immigrants by creating protection for industrial laborers.

Addams suggests that Haldeman spend her small pox quarantine at Cedarville.

Addams discusses her involvement with Henry Ford's Peace Ship and tells Schwimmer that she cannot intercede for her with Ford.

Cole asks Addams to speak and advise on certain issues for the General Federation of Woman's Clubs. She also reports on Elizabeth Longfellow Dana's illness.
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