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Addams relates a story about peasants in Russia who believe that all Americans are black. It was published in several newspapers on April 16, 1905, and then also under the title of "The Yellow Kid" in an anthology of quotes from famous…

Ely thanks Addams for sending him a copy of her new book and questions her decision to campaign for woman suffrage.

Lewis criticizes a source Addams used for one of her articles in McClure's Magazines.

Kelly wishes to republish Addams article "The Church and the Social Evil," but he wants to verify a citation about St. Augustine first.
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Addams introduces the Chicago Industrial Exhibit's goals and content for publication in its Handbook.
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Addams discusses the shift from industrialism to humanism.

Davis writes Addams regarding her upcoming articles.

Addams writes Beck about a series of articles the Central Press Association commissioned from her.

Speranza explains that he will not be in Cleveland for the conference and cannot discuss his manuscript with Addams at that time.

Addams suggests Speranza brings his manuscript to Cleveland, where they can meet and discuss at the National Conference of Charities and Correction.

Speranza asks Addams to make corrections to a manuscript he wrote.

A poem by Woodberry, attesting to the idea that there is no good or evil, no god or devil.

McClure asks Addams for permission to reprint "The Modern City and Municipal Franchise for Women" in McClure's Magazine.

A religious journal review of Twenty Years at Hull-House, praising Jane Addams' work as wise and uplifting.

Munger congratulates Addams on Twenty Years at Hull-House and encloses a review.

Adams asks Addams to consider writing for one year a daily column for women for his newspaper service.

Bellamy praises Addams for her series in McClure's Magazinebut also points out a small mistake in the February installment.
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Addams criticizes public school teachers for not having a grasp of non-American history.
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Addams and Withington introduce a posthumous publication of Henry Demarest Lloyd's recent writings on religion.
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Addams discusses the damage that child labor causes children, physically and mentally, and calls for it to be halted.

Gray objects to Addams' use of the word "cadet" in herMcClure's Magazine article.

Flower commends Addams for addressing the issues of white slavery in her November McClure's article.

Addams thanks Reed for sending her a copy of the Yale Reviewand regrets she will not have time to contribute an article this year due to other writing obligations.

Mee offers a lawyer's perspective on Addams' white slavery article inMcClure's Magazineand compliments her grasp of the legislation.

Hackett praises Addams' article inMcClure's Magazine.

Bok gives Addams until the end of February to complete her church article forThe Ladies' Home Journal.

Bliss thanks Addams for agreeing to provide a paper on woman suffrage for Sunday classes.

Addams must have changed her mind about writing an entry for theCyclopedia of American Government,andMcLaughlin refuses to take no for an answer.

Zueblin announces his appointment as editor ofTwentieth Century Magazine and invites Addams to contribute an article.
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