David Starr Jordan Papers


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Addams agrees to serve on any Peace Committee that Jordan is involved in and tells him about the eagerness for a peace conference in January.

Addams thanks Jordan for an article in The Survey.

Jordan praises Addams' essays about the war as among the best he has seen.

Addams notifies Jordan about a trip she is going on to the Hague and hopes she can visit him in August.

Jordan replies to Addams' letter about her trip to The Hague and asks if she would be available to visit on certain dates in August.

Addams suggests that she could speak at the National Education Association on August 28.

Addams tries to arrange a September speaking engagement for peace to coincide with her appearance at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.

Addams asks Jordan to consider joining the Ford Peace Ship expedition in an effort to try to return its goal to a conference of neutral nations, noting that her health will not permit her to travel to Europe.