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Kellogg writes De Forest about organizational changes and the addition of new members to board of The Survey.

Andrews informs Addams that she has won re-election as Vice President of the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Addams writes Robins about the abilities of Mary Wilmarth as a leader.

Thomas apologizes to Addams about some confusion between Helen Johnson and herself within the National American Woman Suffrage Association.

Addams invites members of the National American Woman Association to take a special train to Springfield to address the Illinois State Republican Convention.

Addams writes Wald about her preference for Julia Lathrop to become the head of the United States Children's Bureau.

Kellogg asks for Addams' signature on a petition in response to the Los Angeles Times bombing. A portion of the letter is missing.

Addams accepts the position of Vice President of the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Letter welcoming people to join the American Association for Labor Legislation for a small fee.

Osgood writes Addams about the status of Grace Darling's membership and reports on the effectiveness of the Illinois letter.

Darling writes Addams about the status of her membership in the American Association for Labor Legislation.

Table of contents and page with the membership of the Committees on immigrants, press and publicity, and state corresponding secretaries.

Yeomans writes for Jane Addams saying that Addams' sister had proposed her name to the Daughters of the American Revolution and paid dues, but that Addams is not interested in renewing her membership.
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