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Köttgen requests financial assistance with publishing "The German Republic".

Kellogg asks Addams to help him secure an article on the situation of peace societies in America.

Sedgwick informs Addams that he would be happy to publish her paper, but that it must be shortened and condensed into one cohesive article.
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Addams suggests contacting Kellogg for a list of the numbers of The Survey. She also suggests that Pinchot can look at Twenty Years at Hull House to get a sense of her Survey articles.

Addams sends Jordan speech notes from her talk in Kansas City.

Sedgwick asks Addams to write an even-handed article on the Salvation Army in the Atlantic Monthly.

Kellogg asks Addams for more articles for the Survey and discusses its role for social workers.

Kellogg invites Addams to meetings of Survey Associates Inc. held in New York.

Karsten sends Kellogg a letter (not found) at the request of Graham Taylor.

Croly thanks Addams for sending him some of her notes that he can include in The New Republic.
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