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Crane enjoyed reading Newer Ideals of Peace.

Abt tells Addams that he would have provided ' free medical treatment for her adopted grandchildren because of the contributions Addams made in improving the lives of all children.

Addams recommends Fanny Fisch for a summer job.
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Addams gives a praising review of Lovett's play Cowards.

Robins thanks Addams for her work in the Progressive Party during the past election.
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Addams introduces Graham Taylor's collection of essay, providing biographical information on Taylor, and praising his work.
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Addams introduces and summarizes the content of Graham Taylor's book, provides some biographical information on Taylor, and praises the work.

Havens, a delegate to the Progressive Convention in Chicago, praises Addams for her work and shares his great respect for her.

Hoffman thanks Addams for her work for the Progressive Party and woman suffrage.

Conrad writes Addams about her introduction to Dr. Hall's book and the positive impact her influence will have upon it.

Lathrop sends her congratulations on A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil.

Addams praises McCulloch's presentation and is being updated on events through Abbott and Breckinridge because she is caring for Bowen while she is ill.

Knopf praises Addams' Twenty Years at Hull-House and sends her two copies of his essay on tuberculosis.

Lighty thanks Addams for contributing to the Hutchins Memorial Celebration.
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Addams pays tribute to Theodore Parker at a Memorial Banquet in Chicago, where she praised his anti-slavery work and support of black suffrage, blamed his generation for not extending suffrage to women, and surmised that Parker would have ultimately supported the franchise for women had he lived longer.
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Brisbane informs Addams that he has written an editorial in the Chicago American proposing Addams becoming mayor of Chciago. He seeks a meeting to discuss her points on woman suffrage.

Roosevelt praises Addams's work for the Progressive Party campaign, noting that they fought a good fight, yet went down in disaster.

Day praises Addams' work in the Progressive Party campaign.

Thomas asks for Addams' assistance with a school she is planning and praises Addams for her work in the Progressive Party.

Cochems praises and thanks Addams for her work with the Progressive Party.

Wyatt compliments Addams on her recent article in the Atlantic.

Irwin informs Addams that her Progressive Party article has been published and says that these kinds of articles are more useful than traditional party campaign materials.

Lustig is excited to have won an autographed copy of Twenty Years at Hull House" in an essay contest.

Lindemann praises Addam's book Twenty Years at Hull-House and apologizes for not being able to read it until recently. She continues by talking about her health

While he doubts the Progressive Party will prevail in 1912, Brett praises Addams for her campaign work and suggests it might pave the way for a victory in 1916.

Lindsey congratulates Addams on her campaign work for the Progressive Party and expresses his disappointment for missing chances to see her.

Addams has read the story Salvation Army Girl and believes it is valuable in furthering the work of the Salvation Army.

Straus tells Addams that his son enjoyed her book and organized the Progressive Committee of Princeton.

Addams has enjoyed having Marcet Haldeman play music at Hull-House.
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