Jane Addams to David Starr Jordan, February 13, 1916


February 13.


My dear Mr. Jordan

May I thank you for your letter to Mr. Miller.

I have been detained here by a slight relapse but hope to reach California within a few weeks.

I am enclosing a copy of Miss Lattimore's account of the Ford expedition, written [page 2] for The Survey.

I agree with Mr. Kellogg that it is probably on the whole a very fair statement although, of course, more favorable than the average reporter would give.

I am also enclosing a letter from Mrs. Andrews which came in the same mail with yours and which makes the Berne conference seem rather remote. [page 3]

We hope to have a meeting of our International Committee of women in the spring. I had rather urged April, hoping it might coincide with the Berne meeting but we shall probably <have to> postpone it owing to the great difficulty of travel for the European women.

I quite agree with you as to the difficulties surrounding the Ford Conference of Neutrals although I can not help hoping that [page 4] something may be rescued from it.

May I tell you with what pleasure I have read your book, "War and the Breed." I am quite ashamed of the large envelope of material I am sending. Please do not return any of it.

Very sincerely yours

Jane Addams