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A copy of a telegram sent by Page to Addams expressing his apologies that he cannot help Addams' party cross the English waters into Holland for the International Congress of Women.

Addams drafts a telegram to White about the peace meeting schedules.

Haldeman tells Addams about the aftermath of her mother's death and of the small-pox epidemic in Girard.

Buckbee suggests a plan to involve school children in the peace movement.

Addams describes meeting a cousin and thinking about her sister.

Aldis's wrote a poem inspired by the sinking of the Lusitania on May 7, 1915.

Wells invites Addams to help recruit members for the New Zealand peace movement.

Addams sends Schwimmer a letter to help combat reports that she is not neutral.

Otlet sends Addams two notes for her approval.

Addams discusses her meeting schedule with Wald and mentions a possibility of seeing her.

Kellogg updates Addams on the Survey publishing of her speech at Carnegie Hall in which she mentioned soldiers being given alcohol before charges.

Addams apologizes to Schwimmer for leaving Europe and the peace work to return to the United States.

Addams apologizes to Balch for missing her in Amsterdam then asks her to review The Survey. Addams includes a list of people she and Emily met in England.

Addams's secretary says that Addams regrets that Fuller cannot attend the International Congress of Women at the Hague, and that she is concerned the German and French women might not attend.

Barnett suggests that Addams meet with influential members of the British government and offers to help.

Addams seeks to meet Grey to discuss the meetings she held with leaders of other nations.

Leaf discusses plans for Addams' upcoming talk to the British Committee of the International Congress of Women.
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Addams discusses the devastating impact of World War I on women's traditional responsibilities.

Addams sends Smith her plans to return to the United States.

Bignami asks Wales whether the International Congress of Women would like to collaborate with the League of Neutral Countries to mediate a peace.

Addams sends Hyers more documents meant for her and that need to be filed. Addams hopes to be back by the beginning of October.

Addams forwards a letter to Hyers so it can be filed. Macmillan has also accepted a position within the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams tells Kelley of a meeting of a committee regarding activities in Boston.
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Addams, comparing the act of human sacrifice to what is going on in the early stages of World War One, points out how pointless both acts are.

Penfield tells Addams that her meeting with Baron Burián must be rescheduled.

Addams sends Smith calling cards with notes on them that she will need on her return.

Addams approves of Wald's resolution and discusses populating a committee.

Addams updates Haldeman on her travels to The Hague and her temporary hold up off the coast of England.

Addams thanks Wald for her help during the trip to Europe and discusses plans to attend a peace meeting and the sinking of a ship on the Chicago River.
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