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Note addressed to Addams praising her article and commenting on the Woman Suffrage Party event on May 20, 1912.

Addams thanks Blaine for her donation to Hull-House.

Bass congratulates Addams on her appointment to the Progressive Party's National Committee.

Meyer writes Addams to share her disapproval of Theodore Roosevelt, whom she believes is an immoral man and the wrong candidate for the betterment of the country.

Garland congratulates Addams for her speech at the Progressive Party Convention nominating Theodore Roosevelt.

Coman praises Addams for her leadership, likely referring to Addams' work at the Progressive Party Convention.

Gilman congratulates Addams for her support of Theodore Roosevelt for President.

The unknown writer criticizes Addams' support of Theodore Roosevelt, partly because Roosevelt as governor of New York refused to commute the death sentence of Martha M. Place in 1899.

Peck warns Addams about Theodore Roosevelt and the poor chances of the Progressive Party to elect him president.

Worden laments to Addams about how some men treat young women and girls.

Henderson thanks Addams for the autographed copy of A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil and praises her for the work.

McDowell compliments Addams' influence on the Progressive Party platform.

Wald sends Addams news of her health and asks her to dictate a letter defending her support of the Progressive Party.

Minor congratulates Addams for her speech at the Progressive Party Convention and suggests that Addams should now belong in a higher position within the party.

Henderson offers an analysis of Addams' statement about capital punishment in Illinois.

Addams declines Nestor's invitation to speak at an anniversary celebration, writing that she will be on her way to Philadelphia at that time.

Addams writes Haldeman that she will be in Kansas to campaign for woman suffrage in May.

Addams updates Haldeman on her travel plans and the status of her manuscript.

In this sentimental letter to Smith, Addams covers everything from the weather and her health, a book publication, and travel plans
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Addams updates Lathrop on her stay in Maine and offers advice on Lathrop's work with the Juvenile Court in Chicago.

Addams shares her horror over the execution of the defendants in the Fred Guelzow murder, provides Smith with a progress report on her writing, comments on two novels she has read, and shares her longing for Smith's presence.

Addams writes Haldeman with news of her stay in Georgia, her writing, and the health of family members.

Addams writes Smith about her stay to New York and her difficulty writing.

Palmer asks Addams to help her discover the true circumstances of an impoverished family member living in Chicago.

Addams writes Haldeman with news about ailing family members, her writing, and her upcoming travels.

Lyman writes Addams to share her ideas about hiring police women to monitor rooming houses and theaters to ensure the safety of vulnerable young women.

Wills invites Addams to use her home as a base when she comes to California to campaign for the Progressive Party.
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