William Kent Family Papers (MS 309)

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Addams notifies Kent of a change of meeting location and hopes that he will bring two guests.

Addams writes Kent about the playground situation in the neighborhood and teases him its his fault she is busy writing a series of articles for the American Magazine.

Addams thanks Kent for his donation and discusses outdoor activities planned for the Hull-House Boys Club.

Addams writes Kent about Twenty Years at Hull-House and her fear that it won't be worth publishing.

Kent introduces Frances Goodrich, who wishes to be a resident at Hull House.

Addams writes Kent that she has forwarded his letter to Anita Blaine about contributing to the presidential campaign of Robert LaFollette and adds that she will do what she can to support the cause.

Addams discusses the sectarianism going on in the Progressive Party.

Addams tells Kent she discussed his letter with Roosevelt and other Progressives and that they seek cooperation with the Republican parties, but refuse to be swallowed up.

Addams sends West an endorsement for William Kent's Senate run.