Autograph Letters

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Addams writes Coman that Nettie McCormick will meet them but is unlikely to pledge funds for her school.

Addams regretfully informs Coman that there is no apartment availability for her at Hull-House apartment.

Addams thanks Coman for sending a copy of Walter Fisher's address on Alaska.

Addams sends Coman the onerous request of a gentleman seeking answers to a serious of questions.

Addams agrees to help find work for Coman in the Progressive Party and accepts her offer of books for Addams' steamboat journey to Egypt.

Addams suggests some research that Coman can do in Europe for the Progressive Party and hopes to meet her in Budapest.

Leaders of the Progressive Party created an organizational structure of bureaus and committees to continue the work of the party after the election.

Addams writes Coman about Progressive Party committee finances and work and thanks her for sending her book, The Economic Beginnings of the Far West.

Addams writes Coman about her travels in Egypt.

Addams discusses Scudder's opposition to Wellesley's accepting a donation from Standard Oil, and locating people to fill a position at a settlement.

Addams tells Blackwell that she is unable to join a movement in support of Mohandas Gandhi until she is able to study the issue.