W. E. B. Du Bois Papers


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Du Bois invites Addams to speak for twenty minutes at the upcoming Atlanta Conference of Negro Problems.

Addams declines Du Bois invitation to the Atlanta Conference on Negro Problems due to a glut of commencement speeches on her schedule.

Addams writes Du Bois to confirm his commitment to deliver a speech at Hull-House on Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

Addams writes to Du Bois to accept his invitation to speak at the Atlanta Conference in May 1908 and sends hopes to meet with him earlier when she is in Atlanta.

Addams writes Du Bois that she is happy he will visit Hull-House in September.

Du Bois discusses arrangements for Addams' participation in the Conference for the Study of Negro Problems in Atlanta, Georgia.

Addams declines Du Bois' offer to stay at Atlanta University due to a prior engagement.

Du Bois invites Addams to stay at Atlanta University when she is there for her lecture and offers to defray her travel expenses

Du Bois invites Addams to stay at Atlanta University instead of with her friend when she is there for a lecture.

Dubois regrets not seeing Addams while she was in Atlanta and suggests they meet when he is in Chicago.

Addams writes DuBois about plans to meet him during his upcoming visit to Hull-House.

Smith writes DuBois to report that Jane Addams has been writing Robert W. DeForest and that she plans to attend the Atlanta Conference in 1908.