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The Chicago branch of the Woman's Peace Party suggests that pacifists work on food conservation, child welfare, better conditions for soldiers, a defense of civil rights and plans for financing the war.

The paper reports on discussions of milk shortage and child welfare in Germany held at the Paris Peace Conference.

Abderhalden asks Wells for help funding a plan to feed starving German children.

Addams sends Thomas a donation from Miss Lasker and asks that some of it be used to send cod-liver oil to Frankfurt.

Balch writes a long letter to Addams, detailing her life, the WILPF office in Geneva, activities regarding prisoner of war, and international education.

Latham invited Addams to speak on illegitimate children at a conference organized by the Children's Bureau.

Balch updates Addams on remaining costs from the Congress and discusses the need for child welfare in Hungary.

Addams asks Coolidge to continue supporting the Hull-house Fresh Air Fund for children.

Haldeman-Julius tells Addams about the family's life, her work at the bank, and efforts to appoint a school nurse in Girard.
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