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Addams forwards a letter from Theodore Sachs to Hulbert.

Sachs informs Addams that he has an opening available at Edwards Sanitarium for Charles Hulbert in June.

Price writes to The Survey to express his interest in Jane Addams.

Worrall congratulates Addams on her work for the Progressive Party and expresses his family pride in her.

Addams asks Haldeman to send a letter on her behalf and thanks you for her kind hospitality in Kansas.
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Addams discusses her childhood, the influence of her father and Lincoln, and her early thoughts on morality and responsibility to the community.
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Addams recalls stories from her childhood meetings with Civil War Colonel John A. Davis, as part of a dedication of a guest chamber at the Abraham Lincoln Center settlement in his honor. The speech was published in a pamphlet on the event.

Addams writes Haldeman about her visit and sends news about Mary Linn's poor health.