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A postcard summarizing the Progressive Party stance on establishing minimum wage commissions to ensure that people can earn a living wage.

A postcard summarizing the Progressive Party stand on labor reform.
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A mail-in questionnaire asking Illinois voters about their interests and seeking volunteers.

An eight-page pamphlet summarizing Roosevelt's political record on labor.
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In an interview with James Evan Crown, Addams discusses the impact that woman suffrage is having on society. Addams later denied having taken part in this interview, specifically her comments on the poor.

Lindsay provides names of potential members to work on a Federal Commission on Industrial Relations.

Addams, et. al, ask Washington to join the campaign American Association for Labor Legislation.

Addams seeks Washington's aid in a campaign for labor regulations.
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Passages taken from Addams book "Newer Ideas of Peace," in which she argues against war on the grounds that it is something that is beneath the ideas of modern man, something not to be admired, and a waste of time and energy.

Addams seeks a lecture on the Poetry of Labor or the Poetry of Revolt for Hull-House.
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Addams expresses why the time is now that women should be able to vote, with in regards to the social power women have which can be used for political power.
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Addams addresses the attendees in the opening speech for the start of the Tenth Annual Conference on Child Labor in New Orleans.
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