Jane Addams to Raïssa Lomonosoff, March 5, 1924



Hull-House, Chicago
March 5, 1924

My dear Madam Lomonossoff:

You must know how pleased I was to have your letter this morning and know that there would be a chance that Madam [Kollantai] could organize a Russian section and possibly represent it at our Congress in May. We can not, of course, assure a vise but we shall do the very best we can and in the meantime, could you send me a little account of the work for the children and other such civic undertakings with which Madam [Kollantai] was identified in Russia. I think there would be no difficulty in getting her some lectures in connection with the Summer School and other bodies in the United States, although the Women's Clubs are slow to change their attitude towards Russia.

I am getting this off hurriedly because I am so anxious to reply promptly to your letter and let you know how pleased we are that we are once more to have a really, truly Russian branch.

With cordial greetings to Professor Lomonossoff and George, I am

Always affectionately yours,