Amy Woods to Raïssa Rosen Lomonosoff, March 7, 1924


March 7, 1924.

Dear Mme. Lomonosoff:

Miss Addams has forwarded your letter of February 15th, telling of the great possibility of having a Russian section of the W.I.L., and that Mme. [Kollantai] may be able to come to the Congress. We shall be most delighted to have her, and I will take up the question of her speaking while in America with the Women's Trade Union Board. She would certainly be a great addition to our Congress. Perhaps we may make it possible for her to come since she is "Representante Plenipetentiaire" to Norway.

I wrote you last week, c/o Miss Glücklich, and undoubtedly the letter will be forwarded to you. May I again urge the possibility of your coming to the Congress, as well as Mme. [Kollantai].

I am enclosing our Russian Bulletin which may be of interest to you, if you have not already seen it.


National Secretary.

Mme. Lomonosoff,
Lietzenburger Str., 11,
Berlin, W. 15, Germany.