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Beenfeldt writes Balch about reservations the Danish members have regarding the policies of the Genoa Conference towards smaller countries.

Addams discusses her impressions of Europe and the Washington Naval Conference at two speeches in St. Louis.

Addams remarks on the success of the International Congress of Women.

Addams tells Royds that she would prefer that the disarmament conference be held until after the 1921 International Congress of Women.

Addams answers many of Balch's questions regarding travel in 1921, WILPF personnel, and the summer school plans.

Spencer writes to Addams regarding the recent meetings of the WILPF as well as the possible finances of the organization.

Balch asks Addams to send American delegates to the International Suffrage Alliance and schedules the WILPF Executive Committee meeting.

Addams addresses the Fifth Congress of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in Dublin detailing different approaches to a peaceful society that she has met around the world.

Addams provides Adams with documentation needed for her passport to travel to Europe to attend the International Congress of Women.

Addams congratulates Landsberg on her upcoming trip to Austria but will miss her at Hull-House.

Cumberland tells Addams about organizing efforts for a WILPF section in Mexico.

The constitution, adopted at the April 1922 meeting contains 13 articles detailing the purpose and internal organization of the Section.

Swanwick thanks Addams for Peace and Bread in Time of War and updates her on WILPF and settlement activities in London.

Odell asks Addams for advice on which international speakers the WILPF United States Section should invite to speak.

Glücklich thanks Addams for the offer, but expects to be well enough to remain in Budapest until August.

Balch sends the WILPF Executive Committee the topics to be discussed at their next meeting.

Balch writes to the WILPF Executive Committee postponing the meeting and requesting feedback on several issues.

WILPF Executive Committee overview of agenda for six day meeting.

Balch sends details of the upcoming WILPF Executive Committee meeting and asks for reports from all sections.

Balch updates the Committee on the vote for the location of their next meeting and proposes it be held in Geneva in March.

Addams tells Odell her preferences for a WILPF meeting and updates her on other conferences.

The article describes the WILPF Summer School held in July in Salzburg.

Odell asks Addams about whether she will attend upcoming meetings and asks her to nominate a WILPF committee on Pan-American relations.

Addams tells Odell she was invited to speak at the League of Women Voters for the WILPF and wants to ensure that the US Section wants her to do this.

Post consults with Addams about how the United States Section of the WILPF should respond to inaccurate news coverage of their 1921 conference.

Post writes Addams about the problem of the Odells and the inaccurate press following the United States Section of WILPF's Mass Meeting.

Münz sends to Addams a copy of his article on the International Congress of Women.

Ames sends Landsberg an article about the Zurich conference for publication in Die Friedensbewegung (The Peace Movement).
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