Jane Addams to Ida Campbell Mott-Smith Lovett, December 4, 1922

The Hague
Dec 4" 1922 Holland

My dear Mrs Lovett

I want to thank you for your kind gift which came to the Volendam and was but the last of a very long series. I think of you with gratitude every time I dig into my trunk almost every time I look at it, perched up on its proper European rack.

We had a very good passage, "the best possible for Nov" our Captain said and the new boat with very few people in it, those mostly Quakers of our own party, was very comfortable and companionable. The prospects here are all for a fine conference with real enthusiasm, so that I feel quite ashamed of my lukewarm attitude in the U.S.A. -- however I can write more authoritatively when it is over. Just now the place is full of delegations from other countries as well as our own. I was quite homesick for HH -- on Thanksgiving day, I have never missed it once in 33 years and as for Xmas, I don't like to think of it. I do hope all is going well & smoothly, I feel [both?] a [illegible] -- when I recall the municipal lecture program and everything else, and then I ask another favor!

Will you write Rosika Schwimmer's sister, to come to HH -- some Thursday [page 2] or Tuesday to visit the Music School classes and to see the [illegible]? I had hoped to do that before I left.

The Ex. Com is meeting, so I am off but will write as soon as the rush is over. We are in a [most?] comfortable hotel and much enjoying the St Nicholas festivities in Holland.

With my gratitude for all you have been to me and to H.H. during the past months and with affectionate greetings to all your family with especial tenderness to the littlest one, I am devotedly yours

Jane Addams.