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Updike asks Addams to assist a young man in Chicago who has had a difficult life and needs some guidance.

Woman's Journal summary of Addams' Mount Holyoke commencement speech covering women's empowerment, college training and morality. The speech was given on June 18, and published on June 29, 1907.

The author eviscerates Roosevelt for seeking a third term as President of the United States and chastises the Progressive Party for supporting him.

Bass congratulates Addams on her appointment to the Progressive Party's National Committee.

An advertisement sent to subscribers of The Survey Graphic allowing them to purchase a copy of The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets by mail order.

The editorial slams Theodore Roosevelt for drawing a color line in the Progressive Party.

McDowell complains to Addams that Roosevelt made a mistake by courting white Southerners and ignoring the needs of southern African-Americans.

Addams reports on the Hull-House Labor Museum's condition after six years of operation and encloses the First Report on the Museum.

McClure apologizes to Addams for the delay in his company's payment for her series of articles inMcClure's Magazine.

Thomas writes Addams her pleasure that she will deliver the commencement address at Bryn Mawr and asks if she will also give a more informal talk about the white slave trade and prostitution.

Addams argues that women's suffrage is a natural extension of the progress of democracy and offers examples throughout the world where woman are gaining the vote. The speech was a part of the suffrage campaign in Chicago leading up to theā€¦

Breckinridge writes Addams about meeting times in Philadelphia and Washington and mentions a report from the Bureau of Labor that she sent to Addams.

The Macmillan Company issues a credit statement to Addams for her book.

Davis sends Freund some data regarding factory inspector budgets, manpower, and numbers of inspections from 1893 to 1910.

Addams writes Lathrop about her living arrangements at Hull House.

Stronach asks for Addams advice on a how to deal with a young woman who believes she is being contacted telepathically.

Letter welcoming people to join the American Association for Labor Legislation for a small fee.

Addams updates Smith on the 1910 Chicago Garment Workers' Strike and the status of her book, Twenty Years at Hull House.

Addams writes to Lillian Wald regarding Ivan Narodny's letters to her.

Addams plans a visit to Hull-House for a friend of Ewing.

Addams writes Smith about her health and her activities.

Coman praises Twenty Years at Hull-House and declares that Addams' writing is demonstrative of the potential of American women.

Addams thanks Wald for her assistance with Mary Smith and promises to write a longer letter after Christmas.

Andrews sends Addams additional copies of a circular per her request.

On behalf of Jane Addams, Ford asks Andrews to send additional circulars.

Addams invites Wallas to be a guest at Hull House and to present form lectures in Chicago.

The American Association for Labor Legislation prepared this form letter to gather support in Illinois for limiting work for women to 60 hours per week.

Addams writes Landsberg about upcoming activities at Hull-House and her recent work onTwenty Years at Hull House.

Browne informs Bowen about the opportunity to purchase a special edition of Addams' new book.
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