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Addams invites Brownell to visit Hull-House and remarks on the popularity of Brownell's photograph of her.

Addams informs Wald of her lodging plans for the Peace meeting.

Addams asks Breckinridge to write Kellor a personal letter.
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Addams wants for Breckinridge to relay the attached letter to others and to try to arrange a meeting in Boston.

Haldeman negotiates a deal for Addams with Marvin and Keene.

Addams shows the letter she received from Wise to Breckinridge and asks her opinion on the question Wise posed.

Addams seeks Washington's aid in a campaign for labor regulations.

Jacobs informs Addams that the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace have decided to postpone their meeting until Addams can travel.

Park replies for Addams that they hope to arrange peace lectures for James in Chicago.

Thomas writes for Addams to tell Hughes about planning for the upcoming meeting of the Women's International Committee for a Permanent Peace and suggests that Julia Grace Wales represent the Canadian members.

Addams tells Jacobs that they should hold the International Committee of Women for a Permanent Peace meeting without her.

Addams reports her health has not improved and asks for a postponement of the Women's International Committee for a Permanent Peace meeting.

Addams's secretary asks DeGraff whether she plans to join Addams at The Hague.

Bowen writes for Addams, seeking donations to Hull-House, which has expended large amounts to help the needy.

Addams asks Bourland to make a place on the Conference of Education program for Harriet Park Thomas.

Thomas writes for Addams, hoping that Catt can make at least part of the Woman's Peace Party meeting.

Thomas writes for Addams to finalize plans for the upcoming Woman's Peace Party meeting, asking Post to send reminders.

Addams writes that she is sending a letter by Kellogg to Lochner and suggests a task Lochner could accomplish while in Washington.

Thomas relays Addams' request that Lady Anna Barlow be asked to speak at the upcoming Woman's Peace Party meeting in Washington.

Mead writes for Addams to tell Kelley that she was selected as an American delegate for the Women's Peace Party at the proposed International Congress of Women After the War.

Addams asks Jordan to consider joining the Ford Peace Ship expedition in an effort to try to return its goal to a conference of neutral nations, noting that her health will not permit her to travel to Europe.

Thomas updates Ford on Addams' recovery and invites Ford to attend the upcoming Woman's Peace party meeting.

Thomas writes for Addams, hoping that Burritt will attend the annual Women's Peace Party meeting in january.

Hyers writes for Addams thanking Dundas for his help with the peace movement and asking him to send President Wilson a request for a meeting of neutral nations.

Addams sends a telegram to Robins asking the Progressive Party to support A. A. McCormick for Country Board.

Addams is sorry to hear that the Carnegie Endowmen for International Peace decided not to fund the Women's Peace Party and asks Keppel to find out how the Trustees reacted to the Trojan Women.

Addams recommends to Thomas that they should send relevant material to a lecturer soon.

Addams sends a letter to Ellery Sedgwick about her feelings on Miss Repplier and encloses her Carnegie address .
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