List of Members of the Chicago Peace Society, November 1921


Hon. Edward O. Brown First National Bank

Charles L. Hutchinson Corn Exchange National Bank

[Maurice] S. Kuhns Safeguard Account Co. 11 S. La Salle

Miss Ella J. Abeel 4907 Vincennes Ave

Miss Jane Addams Hull House

Clifford Barnes 10 S. La Salle St.

Hon. J. M. Dickinson 112 W. Adams St.

Hon. Geo. A. Dupuy R 814-135 E. 11th Pl.

Hon. Walter L. Fisher 134 S. La Salle St.

Moses Greenebaum 9 S. La Salle St.

Dr. Emil G. Hirsch 4608 Drexel Blvd.

Dr. Chas. C. Hyde Lercy Place, Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Edward T. Lee 5615 Kenwood Ave.

Mr. Frank G. Logan 215 N. Michigan Ave. ↑Art Institute↓

Mrs Nellie O'Connor Lakeside, Mich.

John T. Richards 934 W. Wasington St.

Fred L. Rossbach 32 W. Wasington St.

Mrs. B. W Sippy 5615 Woodlawn Ave

Mrs Hannah Solomon c/o Frank Solomon 2666 Coyne St. Chicago