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Lindsay provides names of potential members to work on a Federal Commission on Industrial Relations.

Devine tells Addams that he revised an editorial and that Taft wanted to appoint her as a member of the Industrial Commission.

Addams writes a short note to Breckinridge clarifying that letters were sent out with full postage.

Addams shows the letter she received from Wise to Breckinridge and asks her opinion on the question Wise posed.

Wise consents that Addams will not serve in his commission, and asks her about her opinion between Adolph Lawisohn and Julius Rosenwald.

A list of names produced by the Committee on Industrial Relations.

Addams requests a membership in the National Council for Arbitration and Peace.

Addams describes her experiences at the Progressive Party Convention, discussing how items were added to its platform, particularly labor and military planks, and its appeal to labor and women.
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Addams reports on the Progressive Party Convention, discussing how items were added to its platform, particularly labor and military planks, and her dismay about the conventions unjust treatment of African-Americans. This is one of a series of…

Devine asks Addams about the possibility of funding funding in Chicago for campaign to create a Commission on Industrial Relations.

Harriman invites Addams to a gathering of the "People's Lobby" in New York.

Addams accepts Foulks request to stand in for Foulke at a meeting of the National Municipal League if he is still too ill to travel.

Addams accepts membership on the Advisory Committee of the U.S. Commission on Industrial Relations and congratulates Harriman on her work.

Addams informs Malone that she will serve as a member of the Committee on Organization and attend the International Congress on Social Insurance in 1915.

Robins sends Addams a summary of women's Progressive Party work in Illinois, including the Jane Addams Chorus.
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Robins send Addams a report of Progressive Party work done in Illinois between October 24 and 31.

Kellor writes Addams with updates from the Progressive Service and shares plans about a meeting in September.

Kellogg reports on recent work that has been done while Addams is abroad.

Taylor sends Addams the minutes from a meeting of the trustees of the Chicago Commons Association, which she missed.

Kellogg writes Addams to suggest a meeting of the National Council of Survey Associates in New York upon her return from her trip abroad.

Certification of Addams' membership in the original Jane Addams Chorus.

Dixon invites Addams to a conference of the Progressive National Committee in Chicago in December.

Addams sends Breckinridge information about the Stead International Memorial Fund and asks her to keep it for Kate Stevens.

Kellogg suggests that Charles Stelzle might serve as secretary and Samuel Lindsay the chairman of the Committee on Social and Industrial Justice.

Addams resigns as chairman of the Progressive Party's Committee on Social and Industrial Justice and suggests that Lindsay take her place.

Kellogg suggests that the Progressive Party should create a Labor committee under the Department of Social and Industrial Justice.

Addams asks about plans to select a new member of the Examining Board for the Detention Home.

Andrews informs Addams that the American Association for Labor Legislation is facing a deficit and seeks potential patrons.

Addams agrees to serve on a committee for the National Society for Vocational Education.

Fisher invites Addams to a luncheon meeting in New York to discuss efforts to lobby for Progressive legislation.
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