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A short note of introduction for Addams to the US Embassy in the Netherlands.

An excerpt of an article from the Indianapolis News read at a peace meeting.

A list of those invited to a peace discussion at Henry Street Settlement, September 29, 1914

A peace statement, edited for space by John Gavit.

Summary of responses to a draft resolution on peace.

Wallace provides an overview of his plan for compulsory world peace.

Urie comments on options for a boy's camp near Muskegon.

A list of articles Addams wrote on the Progressive Party's values.

The National Progressive Serivice suggests a draft constitution for state organizations, offering guidance for organization, administration and operations.

Baker writes to Kiefer about the dangers of militarism.

Jones proposes a joint resolution (at the request of Herman Rettig) to the 63rd Congress which, if accepted, would result in an amendment to the Constitution allowing representatives to be apportioned to the people on a vocational basis.

Palmer's poem questions how the world, that can create such beauty, can also breed such hate and violence.

News report of Powys' speech before women pacifists that insulted them as "cowards, fools and knaves"
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This petition draft urges Wilson to help end the war by peaceful means.

The petition requests that university and college faculties support the United States in ending World War I. The petition will later be sent to President Wilson.

Jacobs lists the diplomatic meetings held by members of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace.

Addams asks Schwimmer to continue as the International Secretary.

Catt advises that Rosika Schwimmer should remain as the International Secretary of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance.
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Addams discusses the power that the press has to influence public opinion on World War I.
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Addams discusses the devastating impact of World War I on women's traditional responsibilities.

The clipping details the creation of the League to Enforce Peace, which William Hard used as a source in his article for Everybody's Magazine.
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Addams discusses her work with the International Congress of Women, the delegations to European leaders, and her views on the need for peace. The event was held at the Chicago Auditorium and attended by both peace activists and the general public, and chaired by Charles L. Hutchinson.

Addams is removed as the guardian of Orr's estate and put in Orr's name.

A report of the work of the International Congress of Women and their plans to move forward by planning a conference of neutral nations to start negotiations to end World War I.
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Addams's speech on her return from Europe detailed the work of the International Congress of Women and her ideas on peace.
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Addams and Lochner retell the events of the International Congress of Women.

Kellogg telegrams Addams with the text of a resolution calling for the United States to initiate peace talks.

Kellogg asks Addams for advice on peace meetings and a draft memorandum.

Addams tries to arrange a September speaking engagement for peace to coincide with her appearance at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition.
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