Jane Addams to Dorothy North, August 10, 1917


August 10th, 1917.

Dear Dorothy:

I am only too happy to write all kinds of recommendations for you to Mrs. Lewis, at whose house I spent Sunday a month ago, but I feel awfully bad about your leaving Chicago.

I came back for a family reunion at Cedarville on my Mother's birthday, August 12th, and I will be around these parts for the rest of the summer. I am planning to go to Mackinaw for the last ten days in August.

Are you meaning to go to Minneapolis? I am somewhat undecided in regard to the matter, but for many reasons want very much to go. Do let me know what your plans are.

Mary Smith has given up all mountain tops and is going back to Hull's Cove for the sake of having her little nephew there for five or six weeks.

Mrs. Karsten will write to you about Mrs. [Thompson], who has been horribly ill and is really not yet absolutely out of danger, but for the first time I feel that everything has been done that should have been done. Dr. Harris, a prominent surgeon, operated on her; she is now by herself in a private room with a special nurse, and I am sure could have no better care anywhere. I got into action with Dr. <Kales> almost immediately upon my return although it is only fair to say that they had taken an X-Ray photograph 2 days earlier. I see Mrs. Thompson every day and she is really quite sweet and [affectionate] and I never imagined that she would display such personal affection <and> I am really very fond of her.

I am sending this off hastily, but Mrs. Karsten will fill in the chinks.

<Love to your family,>

Always devotedly yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Miss Dorothy North,
Long's Peak Inn,
Estes Park, Colorado.