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Addams invites Brownell to visit Hull-House and remarks on the popularity of Brownell's photograph of her.

Thomas updates Addams on the status of Schutze's bibliography, support for President Wilson, and the health of a friend in Chicago.

Addams sends information from the Meads because they are unable to leave Chicago and will also be seeing the Schiffs.

Haldeman discusses her experiences working at her bank and shares stories of life in Girard.

Stewart informs Addams that she will not be able to join the peace ship due to her illness.

Haldeman tells Addams about the aftermath of her mother's death and of the small-pox epidemic in Girard.

Grey suggests that Addams put her ideas before the British government, forwarding her request to the Foreign Office.

Sewall asks for a copy of Addams' lecture at Carnegie Hall as Addams is too unwell to send it herself.

Addams discusses Haldeman and Louise Bowen's illnesses.

Addams sends a letter of introduction for Mary Heaton Vorse to Kropotkin.

Smith reaches out to Haldeman after the death of Haldeman's mother and discusses family affairs and Hull-House.

Cole asks Addams to speak and advise on certain issues for the General Federation of Woman's Clubs. She also reports on Elizabeth Longfellow Dana's illness.

Addams tells Haldeman about the health of her mother, Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman.

Addams apologizes for not answering Tuyle's letter due to Bowen's illness.

Addams praises McCulloch's presentation and is being updated on events through Abbott and Breckinridge because she is caring for Bowen while she is ill.

Addams informs Ickes that Bowen cannot run as a co-candidate in an upcoming meeting due to sudden illness.

Addams informs Ickes that Bowen is still too ill to receive any messages and she will not reconsider withdrawing from the race she was meant to participate in under the Progressive Party ticket.

Addams provides new instructions to Haldeman for how to contact her in Maine.

Addams updates Haldeman on Bowen's condition and reveals that she has continued to visit the hospital every day while Bowen is unwell. Kelley is also visiting Addams and will visit again when Haldeman travels to Maine.

Addams inform Ickes that Bowen must take herself out of the running for county commissioner because she is seriously ill.

Addams describes the trials of helping Bowen through an illness and the doctors that tended to her to Haldeman.

Addams writes to Robins about a meeting with Perkins, Mrs. Robins' health, and issues with peace organizations.

Lindsey tells Addams about a woman who would like to stay at Hull-House. He would also like to visit Addams soon.

Addams discusses Haldeman's illness and planned visit to Chicago.
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