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Price writes to The Survey to express his interest in Jane Addams.
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Addams discusses her childhood, the influence of her father and Lincoln, and her early thoughts on morality and responsibility to the community.
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Addams recalls stories from her childhood meetings with Civil War Colonel John A. Davis, as part of a dedication of a guest chamber at the Abraham Lincoln Center settlement in his honor. The speech was published in a pamphlet on the event.

An obituary for Addams' step-brother, George Haldeman.
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Addams' obituary for her step-brother George Haldeman, highlighting his educational achievements.

Addams writes Haldeman about her visit with Marcet Haldeman while she was in New York.

Writing from the hospital bedside of her nephew, Addams thanks Robins for the book she sent at Christmas.

Strauss outlines the genealogy of the Reeser, Bechtel, Addams, and Scharff families for Reeser. Addams received a copy of the letter.

Addams writes Haldeman to say she is shipping the files that Haldeman has agreed to organize.

Addams writes Smith with news from home and about a book she is sending as an early birthday present.

Addams writes Smith about newspaper reviews of her book, a trip to the dentist, and visits with family.

Addams writes Haldeman about a visit with Marcet Haldeman.

Addams writes Haldeman with news from Chicago and Cedarville, Illinois.

Addams sends Haldeman news of a visit with Esther Hulbert and her children and apologizes for sending a disagreeable gift.

Addams writes Haldeman with news about her daily life.

Addams writes Haldeman that Yale is conferring upon her an honorary Master's degree, and she sends best wishes for Haldeman's health after surgery.

Addams writes Haldeman that per her request she will try to secure a copy of a photo that had hung in Addams' room.

Addams writes Smith about time spent with her family and excitement about Smith's return to Chicago.

Addams thanks Haldeman for the Christmas check, which she plans to use for the purchase of a set of books about crime and punishment.

Linn thanks Addams for sending Twenty Years at Hull-House, noting that he is particularly touched by the passages in the book about his grandfather, Addams' father.

Addams writes Haldeman with plans to bring her to Chicago for medical treatment.

Addams writes Haldeman with news about Mary Smith's convalescence and her plans to return to Chicago.

Addams writes Kelley about a belated wedding gift that she and Mary Smith have sent and sends good well wishes to her and her new husband.

Addams updates Haldeman on her travel plans and the possibility of seeing her niece in New York.

Ainsworth writes Addams to express her job upon reading her autobiographical article and reminisces about their time at Rockford Seminary.

Addams asks Haldeman if she will be visiting Chicago soon.

Addams asks Haldeman to visit Chicago and see a doctor there about her health.

Fay sends Addams a story about her father and asks for an recent signed photograph of her.
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