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Scott's Committee on Observation on Limited Segregation reports to the Chicago Board of Education that educating boys and girls in the same manner does not appear to be the best policy, and requests time for continued study.

Allen requests Addams to send materials for a class she will be teaching.

Leupp asks Addams for an interview for an article he is writing for The Ladies' Home Journal.

Addams suggests possible employment for Alice Laing.

Schwimmer complains to Addams about the collapse of the Peace Ship and Neutral Conference for Continuous Mediation and her difficulties with the Fords and others.

Addams discusses her involvement with Henry Ford's Peace Ship and tells Schwimmer that she cannot intercede for her with Ford.

Gapen asks Addams to juggle some dates during her visit to Wisconsin.

Updike asks Addams to assist a young man in Chicago who has had a difficult life and needs some guidance.

Jordan invites Addams to write an article for the all-women's addition of Harper's Bazar.

Prosser asks Addams for advice in selecting a woman to work for the National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education.

Coman writes Addams to explain the terms of her commitment to work with the Progressive Party.

The Pinchots invite Addams to join them for a small dinner party when she comes to New York.

Coman writes Addams to lend her services to the Progressive Party and offers Addams her book,The Economic Beginnings of the Far West.

Small asks Addams to consider taking a teaching position at the University of Chicago.

Lindsey asks Addams to meet his friend Winifred Bonfils, who is expected to visit Chicago soon.

The Editor of the New York Times invites Addams to write a series of three letters explaining why women should support Theodore Roosevelt and the new Progressive Party over Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats.

Hill asks Addams to pass along a photograph of Friends Academy's students to Anita Blaine in the hopes of securing her support.

Newton congratulates Addams on being a delegate at the Progressive Party Convention.

Stewart complains of the poor state of education and asks Addams for a copy of her address to the National Educational Association.

Hooker asks advice on whether the Suffrage League of Maryland should support the new Progressive Party or the Democratic Party, which is so strong in the state.

Ochsner writes that it was her privilege to be present with Addams at the Progressive Party Convention.

Schneider writes Addams regarding his ideas about the needs of the Detention School, noting that they disagree with hers and asking for a meeting to discuss their differences.

Addams sends Blaine a letter she received from Oscar Schneider.

Addams provides Hope with information on starting a settlement.

Thomas is disappointed that Addams cannot speak to various colleges in the fall, but wishes her to speak for two weeks during the spring semester.

McClure asks Addams for permission to reprint "The Modern City and Municipal Franchise for Women" in McClure's Magazine.

French asks Addams for help finding employment for a family friend.

Kellor writes Addams to convince Lillian Wald to serve on a state committee for the Progressive Party.

Kent asks Addams to campaign for suffrage in states like California, where women already have the vote and to assist him with his reelection.

Congressman Sulzer asks Addams for her assistance on the passage of a resolution (not found).
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