Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, April 25, 1901

Illinois Central Railroad Company
Dining Room.


Kathleen has doubtless told you of our delightful trip to Madison [although] to tell the truth the lecture was a trifle disappointing -- the trip however was not and I was quite homesick for you. I saw Laura on the way. I had telephoned her to meet me and she rode with me from Red Oak to Freeport. She looks sick and [has] had a fearfully lonely time.   Please tell your folks that I took a chaise car at Freeport and did not get out of it until I reached Springfield thus making quite clear that Springfield is on the Ill. Cent. Mrs Yates was very kind & the Gov. took me out to dinner [etc] but the [page 2] reception was really very funny. I will tell you at length -- it does so bore me to write a description that I apparently can't even begin. I found that Mrs Yates meant to go to Chicago at 11 today, so instead of waiting until 3 to go via St Louis I announced my intention of catching the Chicago train to New Orleans, so here I am at Champaign waiting for it. It has [its] advantage -- I go over the flooded regions by day & reach New Orleans at half past nine in the morning instead of half past ten at night --and it gives me a day longer there [although] as usual I am already regretting Chicago.

I see by the papers this morning and I heard last night that the Small parks bill is passed -- I wonder if you & J. Lathrop could do something towards advocating the buying of the Kent ground. Mr Pond would manage the Kent side and you could get at the municipal playground [page 3] Committee through Mr Fred Greeley or through Mr Chas Hutchinson. To wait ten days until I get back might be to lose our chance. I do hope you are better, dearest, & please write me how you are. My address is

c/o Mrs H. H. Carrè
4219 Baronne St
New Orleans  

We will come back there from Pass Christian & I will enquire for mail there after the Avery Island trip. How I wish you were here, it would be just the thing for your throat! I left my address with Mrs Yates in case you wrote to me at Springfield. Please give my love to all the household including Phillip and sister. I am always & forever yours

Jane Addams

April 25" 1901