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Bates praises Addams for her work to ban child actors from the theater.
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Addams updates Lathrop on her stay in Maine and offers advice on Lathrop's work with the Juvenile Court in Chicago.

Addams writes Lathrop about camp business and visitors in Maine.

Van Hook writes Addams about her missionary work in Persia and the suffering of the people there.

Addams writes Lathrop about her living arrangements at Hull House.

Addams negotiates with McClure over the publication of a series of articles from her A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil manuscript.

On behalf of Addams, Smith sends regrets that Addams is unable to attend her conference in Lake Placid, New York.

Grainger forwards Addams a letter (not found) because he cannot read the signature of the person who claimed to be a close friend of Addams.

Tuckerman informs Addams of his plans to leave his current church and find a new, more "liberal" church to continue his worship.

Addams writes Haldeman with news about Margaret Dreier-Robins and her husband.
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Addams discusses the challenges facing college women who want to contribute to society.

Addams tells Smith about the success of her book, Democracy and Social Ethics.

Addams writes Smith of the train crash she experienced and sends news about the activities of friends and family.

Addams reports to Smith on the funeral of John Peter Altgeld and her visits to the Smith residence.

Addams writes Smith, relating details of her daily life in Smith's absence.