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Financial records explaining the property values of lands held by the Joseph T. Bowen Country Club and the Hull-House Association.

Addams informs Haldeman that she will be out of town briefly and will sign papers on her return.

Addams suggests to Haldeman a different means of turning Stanley Linn's lands over to her sister.

Addams writes Haldeman regarding selling Stanley Linn's land for him, his health and summer plans, and invites her sister to attend her speech.

Wickerman lays out three stipulations the Municipal Museum must follow to borrow a room in the Library Building.

Addams consults with her sister regarding the sale of lands and Stanley Linn's investments, Weber Linn's upcoming wedding, and her health.

Addams writes Smith about her lecture in Madison, Wisconsin, a trip to Springfield, Illinois, where she met the governor, a property purchase, and her trip to New Orleans.

Addams lays out figures from payment from Storm Lake property between John, Weber, Esther and Stanley Linn.

Addams sends Blatchford a check for a fee and requests information about taxes owed on properties in Mary Linn's estate.

Addams updates Haldeman about financial and legal dealings about the Lake Forest property.
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