Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, February 14, 1917



My dear Marcet

My wretched bronchitis has held on so long that my doctor has finally ordered me away. I plan to leave next Monday Feb'y 19th -- He allows me to go via New York to attend a meeting and later Mary Smith picks me up and we go to Florida. [page 2] The part I like least about the plan is, that I won't see you when you come in Feb'y or <March> as I had very much hoped to do.

I don't know whether I will be able to stay away or not when the real time comes, but I am going to see Mrs Fox once more before I go and take counsel of her.

Please tell Manuel [page 3] how glad I was to have his letters and the articles he sent. The "Once Upon a Time" is being read to children in the family and out and is very popular.

I have been in the house for more than two weeks and am only now beginning to go out -- it is really harder to be half sick than to go through with the real thing I find.

With much love to you both and many regrets that I am not to see you when you come on to the farm,

I am Always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

Feby 14" 1917