Jane Addams to Ray Stannard Baker, March 26, 1915


March 26, 1915

My dear Mr. Baker: --

Thank you very much for your most cordial invitation to me to Amherst but I am obliged to decline it.

My plans for the next year are most indefinite and it is quite impossible for me to consider any definite engagement at the moment. I hope very much that I shall be able to do something for the Amherst Woman's Club at some future time, but I do not care to bind myself with any fixed engagement for such a long time ahead. With much appreciation of your courtesy,

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams. [signed]

Ray Stannard Baker, Esq.,
New York, N.Y. [page 2]

P.S. I am sending you under separate cover a copy of the call sent out by the Dutch women, and will also send you in a day or two some letters which seem to me to be very touching written by the women in the various warring countries. May I tell you how much I appreciate your belief in the Woman's Peace Party.

The Conference at The Hague is uncertain and has about it, of course, a certain aspect of moral adventure. How I wish you could persuade Miss Tarbell to go with us. Her clear head and knowledge of the economic situation would be invaluable! I want to congratulate you on your Peace story in the American several months ago. It has been enormously quoted.

The fee of fifty dollars is quite adequate -- it is merely a question of finding the time.

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