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Outlines the members, platforms and speakers at the December 8-10, 1916 meeting of the Woman's Peace Party.

The French Section of the ICWPP presents terms by which all allied governments can abide in an effort to establish a system for peace.

Addams explains travel and meeting arrangements for delegates attending the International Congress of Women After the War.

Addams explains the travel and meeting arrangements for the National Committees of Five and Delegates and Alternates of the International Congress of Women.

The International Congress of Women's report of activities including Jane Addams' address, resolutions, and a report of the work done by the delegations to European capitals.

Hyers writes to deny the official association of two particular woman to the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams tells a reporter from the Manchester Guardian her impressions of the International Congress of Women. A short summary of her remarks at Kingsway hall is also included.

Vincent offers contributions to the Peace Movement and asks to help further however needed. She concludes with a religious poem.

Cranmer acknowledges Addams' recent telegram and has written Wilson urging neutrality on behalf of the St. Louis branch of the Women's Peace Party.

Addams sends her telegram asking her associates to urge Wilson to form a conference of neutral nations.

Thomas asks Addams if she would also like state chairmen to be sent the neutrality telegram.

Addams asks Thomas to telegram 300 Woman's Peace Party members throughout the US and to telephone Chicago members.

Addams tells Harriet to ask Gordon to send a telegram to her many Women's Christian Temperance Union branches throughout the US.

Ford donates a large sum to the peace movement and asks Addams to send greetings to her colleagues.

Addams sends Shelley the format of the telegrams to be sent to all Women's Peace Party members and asks her to send the ones from Chicago as soon as possible.

Hughes praises Addams for leading the peace movement and shares that her brother was an engineer mending trenches until he was killed.

Leckie offers to head the publicity section of the Woman's Peace Party and cites her credentials.

Addams urges Women's Peace Party members to write Wilson requesting the organization of a conference to end the war for the sake of mothers of soldiers.

Addams informs Eastman of upcoming committee meetings.

Hyers congratulates Pettit on the Oregon Federation of Women's Clubs' adoption of a Peace Resolution.

Addams informs Schwimmer of a peace meeting postponement.

Eastman discusses plans to merge the New York City and New York State Woman's Peace Party groups.

Moore congratulates Addams on her re-election as president of the Woman's Peace Party

An accounting of expenses versus receipts for the Woman's Peace Party meeting and the Conference of Oppressed or Dependent Nationalities.

Broeksmit sends Addams an etching she promised when they met at the Hague Congress.

Spencer expresses her excitement over the fact that the peace movement appears to be making progress

Eastman is glad she can send her suggestions concerning the upcoming Convention to other branches of the Woman's Peace Party.

Addams answers Hull's letter and informs her about the plans for Conference of American Representatives of Oppressed or Dependent Nationalities.

Karsten tells Shelley that Addams would be willing to send out a signed letter to members of various women's clubs.

Hyers invites Holbrook to a meeting of the Woman's Peace Party for Addams after her name was left off the original list.
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