Jane Addams et al. to David Starr Jordan and Clifford G. Roe, January 31, 1913

Chicago, Illinois,
January 31, 1913.

Recognizing as we do that the American Vigilance Association had its origin in the generous support and combined action of Miss Grace H. Dodge and others associated with her in New York, and that its headquarters were established in Chicago at their request, and agreeing fully in the conclusions of the New York members of the Board that it is impracticable and unwise to have the Executive Committee divided between New York and Chicago and holding meetings in both places, we feel that the request of the New York members of the Board that the headquarters be removed to New York as soon as possible, in order that the New York members may have more complete control of the organization, to be not only wise but the only practical manner in which the work of the organization may be carried on.

In order, therefore, that the New York members may without delay proceed to a reorganization of the Board in such manner as will give them a harmonious, workable body in control of the work, we, the undersigned members of the Board in Chicago, hereby forward our resignation to the President and Secretary of the organization, 


A. C. Bartlett

H. P. Crowell

William D. Allen

Clifford W. Barnes

John G. Shedd

Jane Addams

Edward M. Skinner

Walter T. Sumner

Louise DeK. Bowen

Julius Rosenwald

Abram W. Harris

Wallace D. Simmons.