Jane Addams to George Platt Brett Sr., December 12, 1906


Committee on Labor,

House of Representatives U. S.,
Washington, D. C., Dec 12", 1906

My dear Mr Brett

Affairs here are very critical in regard to the Immigration bill, and I am very anxious to have some of the spiritual results of Immigration put before certain people. I mean of course the results as set forth in my new book "Newer Ideals of Peace." I gave a proof copy to Pres't Roosevelt yesterday but am most anxious to have a copy for Senator La Follette, for Mr James Garfield and several other people whom we have seen here. Could you not [page 2] have half a dozen copies printed as the proof sheets were? This request is not that of the "vain author" but a desire to put a certain aspect of the Immigration question before men who are seriously debating the question and who really want to get this point of view.

If this request is not impossible could a copy be sent directly to Senator La Follette and another to Mr Garfield, and the other four to me in Chicago?

Faithfully yours

Jane Addams.