Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, November 28, 1910


Nov 28" 1910



Your last two letters have sounded more naturally cheerful and I do hope that the black cloud has lifted. I have had two fairly good nights and I am encouraged [although] still the [illegible] remains. I am sending a copy of Mr Pond's letter, the companion to the birth of time helped [page 2] me a good deal.

The strike doesn't budge, it is simply preposterous to try to feed 30,000 people and something will have to be done -- the "milk fund" was started yesterday and it certainly does seem necessary to keep the babies alive if all else fails but I imagine that is about all we can do.

I have been trying to get Fred 'K to send my condolences [page 3] about Mr Arnold's death. I know that it will be hard for all of you. I haven't been able to get Fred 'K yet. I suppose he is much absorbed this morning with the details of it all.

I am rejoiced that you are coming back the 18th, it is encouraging that the Dr will let you come and fine that we can cut off a week of separation. [page 4]

Bless you dearest -- Always yrs J. A. 

Do tell how the book seemed when you really read it through!

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