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Addams spoke at a memorial meeting for Iroquois Theater fire victims, organized by the Chicago Teacher's Federation, about the dangers of overlooking violations in fear of being seen as bad people.

An obituary for Addams' step-brother, George Haldeman.
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Addams' obituary for her step-brother George Haldeman, highlighting his educational achievements.
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Addams praises Judge Tuley for his dedication to the law and evenhanded decisions.
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Addams gives praise for Judge Tuley's efforts to rule fairly and apply laws progressively.
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Addams' second address at the memoriam for Jessie Bross Lloyd discusses their relationship and friendship.
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Addams' eulogy for Jessie Bross Lloyd, part of a memorial held at Hull-House, praises Lloyd's friendship, love of conversation, and generosity.
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Draft of Addams' eulogy for Gordon Dewey, who died at eight years of age.
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Addams gave a tribute to the life of Sarah Rozet Smith at the dedication of the Hull-House organ. This speech was later printed as a pamphlet.

Addams responds to issues Smith mentioned in her last letter.

Martin points out an error, regarding Addams' age when Lincoln died, in her autobiographical article in The American Magazine.

Addams forwards news of their cousin's death and asks when Haldeman might travel to Cedarville.

Addams writes Haldeman about Sarah Porter Smith's death.

McCulloch & McCulloch inform Addams that Henry L. Barney has left a sum of money to the Hull-House Association in his will.

Wilmarth writes Addams about her grief following the death of her brother.

Averbuch writes Ickes about the impact of her brother's death on her family.

Addams writes Lutkin to inform him of Frederick Deknatel's absence due to the unexpected death of his sister.

Addams discusses Wald's kindness to Isidore Friedman and Florence Kelley's condition.

Addams telegrams Kelley, asking if she should come to New York for the funeral of Margaret Kelley.

Addams' eulogy Gordon Dewey, who died at eight years of age.

Dewey writes of the grief that the family felt over the death of Gordon Dewey, apologizing for not being better communicators.
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Addams' speech about Henry Demarest Lloyd's life, focused on his personal and public accomplishments.
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Addams' memorial to Henry Demarest Lloyd discusses his life and character.

Addams writes Haldeman about dressmakers in Chicago, plans for the summer, and Weber Addams' condition.

Addams offers her sympathy on the death of Riis' wife.

Jane encloses a eulogy on Gordon Dewey to Blaine.