W. W. Warner to Jane Addams, November 26, 1910

Law office of —
W. W. Warner,

Allegan, Mich., Nov. 26 1910

[Miss] Jane Addams -

Dear Madam. I just recd the "[Advances?]" & read yr Comments on Domestic Life of [Tolstoy] & want to thank you. I had often wondered how in the family life — they managed the two grades of food — The common and the more eloquent. I do not [think] that any writer ever  said it so well as yours thanks —

We are apt to judge of others by whether their ways are agreeable to ours -- I have read that in the old times of witchcraft when the old women of Virginia came to the magistrate to [end] their grievances and formal complaint against some unfortunate sister [possessed] of a [illegible] or who was a witch, and in order to comply with the Law they had to make some formal specific charge or allegation -- wh. when asked to do -- would say, "She is not like us" for all wh. possibly the poor woman should have been (-- if we regard her chances for next world solely) -- supremely thankful — Since you have returned to the States all American by wh. I mean all who have sense will allow you to wear a gown & sleeves just as you please [page 2].

I could not repress a smile at the reading of [Tolstoy]'s pointed questions about your sleeves, yr food & shelter. We musn't judge [Tolstoy] as having lived his life in Russia -- we must judge him for acts -- his conducts his motives by the [Nation], times & circumstances where he has lived his life.

We read of Isaiah. That they put him in a hollow log and sawed it into -- we know what the Old Testament Prophets usually got and how [illegible] said, "There never was but one perfect man in the world -- and see what they did to him" and since [illegible two words] -- we might add others who have lived the higher life and taken such pay -- as the world gave theirs--

And now -- who were the wise men. The fools of their day were the truly wise men -- and the smart alecks. The men who knew it all. They are long since dead, and Condemned (I think that is the proper word to use in writing to you) -- but [Tolstoy]. I write of him with tears and treasure him in  Memory -- with -- the man of Nazareth (of whom the poor world was not worthy--. I mean the orthodox crowd who murdered him) and Lincoln. These men [though] dead live in love & honor -- excuse this letter -- I am with kindest appreciation for your every good & noble work

Yr friend

W.W. Warner