Cornelia Workman Smith Crane to Jane Addams and Mary Rozet Smith, December 29, 1922


December 29th, 1922.

Dear Jane Addams and Miss Smith:

Wouldn't I just love to be in China when you and Miss Mary Smith are there. You are bound to be in touch with all the Americans, and some of those workers are fine to meet and interpret for you. In Shanghai the American Woman's Club is delightfully cordial and busy also. Y.W.C.A.'s all over China are well worth while, and their activities with Chinese women are interesting to look into, -- especially the training schools near Shanghai for physical culture. There native teachers are being placed in Chinese schools. Mrs. Regina E. Kung, 205 Avenue Roi Albert, Shanghai, is very dear and intelligent and speaks English well. She and Mr. Kung have a large responsibility -- educational in Shantung -- from which province he comes. Mr. Kung is a real descendant of [Confucius] and is, I believe, the only one living. I will write to them of your coming (and to all the others). Both were our helpers in the dreadful Chinese famine conditions. Mrs. Kung and Mrs. F. W. Sheng headed a National Chinese Woman's Relief association. Mrs. Sheng is an ardent Buddhist. I think Mrs. Kung is Christian in Church affiliation. I hope their association is still organized, and that you can meet both women. Mrs. Sheng is very keen and cordial -- eager for progressive ideals. Many of these and such like in Peking are among the cultured and rich. My heart went out also to the Chinese in the government lower and normal schools which Mrs. Dewey came in close contact with, and with the work for needy women and children with which Mrs. Dwight Edwards in Peking is so familiar. She is a fine guide there. Dr. Yamei Kin also if she is well enough. Dr. Kin’s [page 2] address is [16?] Fong Chin Hsiang, Peking. Through her we met young Chinese couples. Oh! Miss Addams, how much you could do there if you could stay a bit. Especially for the young married women, dear, dear people.

In Nanking on the way to Peking there is a Mr. Wen who is so fine and intelligent. Our nice Consul there could put you in touch with him and his large family. The Woman’s Chinese Red Cross is interesting in Peking, and of course our fine fellow citizens in the Rockefeller Medical Board are charming. I must not forget to mention our good friend Sister Catherine in the French Hospital -- opposite the American Legation. She took us to several of the Catholic Institutions for women and children.

Our love and best wishes to all whom I know everywhere.

↑Devotedly Yours↓

Cornelia Crane [signed]

P.S. Mrs. Sites is the wife of a business man in Shanghai. They are of an old missionary family.

Perhaps you met Mr. and Mrs. Fred Whyte while here about three years ago.

↑Mr. Cranes forwarding address is [illegible] and Company of rue Ventadour Paris. He is at present in Egypt -- ↑Cairo↓ [illegible] House [illegible] --↓