Mary Rozet Smith to Esther Margaret Linn Hulbert, June 26-27, 1923



St. Luke's Hospital, Tokyo
June 26.

My Dear Esther.

I cabled Miss Lathrop and Eleanor Smith last evening asking them to tell you that your Aunt Jane is in the hospital here with an operation pending. She was upset in a rickshaw in Peking and her arm and side badly bruised. No bones broken. The arm was not doing too well; but the cause of the operation is a tumor in the breast WHICH FOUR GOOD authorities, one doctor and three surgeons, agree must be removed at once. It may not be malignant but they insist on breast amputation and the removal of all the glands which may become involved. The surgeon is Japanese, very highly spoken of. Dr. Webb, an American Naval Surgeon, will attend the operation and they promise us a good nurse. Your Aunt Jane is, of course, as cool as possible -- neither nervous nor depressed.

But I feel quite sick with anxiety and distress that she must have this painful experience. I will cable after the operation and write in detail. We may have to postpone our sailing which was set for July 28th as I want your Aunt Jane to [convalesce] as thoroughly as possible before we set forth.

Will you please tell Weber and your Aunt Laura and Sarah as I am writing so many letters. I will leave this open and add a line after the operation.

June 27

The best of news. The tumor is benign and the prognosis very favorable. There are hard days ahead but nothing matters since it is not cancer. The surgeon seems very good. The hospital comfortable and nursing all right. I'll let you know how things go.

With my love to you all

Affectionately yours