List of Hull-House Donors, March 18, 1910


Allison Armour

Alfred L. Baker

A. R. Baldwin

S. E. Barrett

E. M. Barton

A. G. Becker & Co.

Mrs. Emmons Blaine

Mrs. Jos. T. Bowen

Mrs. E. W. Brooks

Butler Bros.

E. B. Butler

The Misses Colvin

Seymour Coman

C. G. Comstock

Miss Culver

F. H. Deknatel

Marshall Field & Co.

Mrs. Marshall Field

Mrs. Adolph Gartz

Jos. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hart

Miss Hastings

F. Hellyer

Miss Hemple

Morton D. Hull

C. L. Hutchinson

Mrs. Frank Lillie

Mrs. W. R. Linn

A. H. Loeb

Mrs. F. Mandel

Marcus Marx

Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McCormick

Cyrus H. McCormick

Harold F. McCormick

Stanley McCormick

Miss Nellie McWilliams

Edward Morris

Mrs. Ira N. Morris

Mrs. W. S. North

Mrs. L. S. Parsons, N. Y.

G. F. Porter

The Eleanor Robson Co.

The Misses Robson 

Julius Rosenwald

Martin A. Ryerson

Jos. Schaffner

R. W. Sears

C. F. Mather Smith

C. M. Smith

Mrs. Edw. Curtis Smith

F. D. Smith

Mary R. Smith

Sprague, Warner & Co.

C. H. Taylor

Edw. Tilden

Mrs. Coonley Ward

Mrs. M. J. Wilmarth

J. E. Wilson

Edw. Yeomans

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